5 Items to Transition Your Wardrobe From Summer to Fall

Let’s be real, it’s going to be scorching hot down in South Florida until December! So, this post is more for my up north babes and those who get to enjoy cooler weather and the mesmerizing hues of Fall leaves. Fall is actually my favorite season, and it’s what I miss the most from my time living in Baltimore and Atlanta. I love Fall fashion and always add a few items to my closet, anxiously waiting for those 2 weeks of cool weather we have every year lol. Here are 5 items to transition your wardrobe from Summer to Fall.

1. Long Flowy Skirt

Fall marks the start of switching out your mini skirts for longer ones that can fend off the cold a bit better. When choosing a long skirt, I always gravitate towards those that flow, such as this dreamy, blue, pleated skirt from ELOQUII. Flowy skirts allow me to carry some of the whimsy of Summer into Fall, and they always create a trendy contrast with sweaters, jackets, and boots. I'm wearing a size 14 in this skirt, but realized that I could have sized up to the 16 since I tucked in my chunky sweater. Another alternative would be to keep your short skirts and add tights or leggings to stay warm.

2. Short Sleeve Sweater

Is it really Fall if you don't have sweaters? Sweaters are as indicative of the season as pumpkin spice lattes, but short sleeve sweaters are perfect for getting in the spirit without overheating. I love this light blue cut out sweater from ELOQUII because it incorporates the sweater material with designs that allow room to breathe. Short sleeve sweaters are also great for layering, which is what makes Fall fashion so fun! I'm wearing this sweater in a 14/16.

3. Moto Jacket

I own four Moto jackets; 3 of which are from ELOQUII! I got this one in blue because I wanted to rock a monochromatic look with the skirt and sweater. I'm very pleased with how it turned out! Moto jackets are perfect for Fall because they are trendy and warm without being overbearing like a whole coat. It's a great layering piece and not too heavy to hold in case you take it off inside. I'm wearing the 14/16 but could have sized up as it's a bit tight in the arms with the sweater.

4. Booties

I have tons of booties because honestly it doesn't get cold enough here to wear knee high boots. Booties are a great compromise when you want to transition into Fall footwear but you know the temperature can heat up as the day goes on. These white booties from Macy's also keep some of the lightheartedness from Summer before the darker colored boots start gaining in traction.

5. Dark Lipstick

Fall fashion doesn't just include shoes and clothes, but also make up! I love this Too Faced liquid lipstick and have it in both bright pink for Summer and burgundy for Fall. Grabbing a darker colored lipstick automatically changes the mood of your look. As a stain, this lipstick is resistant to smudging from sipping your lattes to wearing a mask. It's not only beautiful but has proven to last all day.

This whole look has me ready to jump into a pile of leaves and twirl into a pumpkin patch! What are some wardrobe essentials you have for Fall?

xoxo, Global Midwife

Disclaimer: Paid partnership with ELOQUII. All views are my own. I may make a small commission on the links in this post. Thank you for the support!


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