5 Reasons to Choose Santorini for Your Baecation!

My husband and I both work a lot. We actually only get two full days together out of the entire month. So as you can imagine, the opportunity to spend multiple, consecutive days exploring and playing, is something that we always want to be memorable. We love taking baecations because they relieve stress, keep the fire lit, and allow us to reconnect. It’s therapeutic. So far, we’ve been to Colombia, Cuba, Turks and Caicos, Bahamas, Iceland, Mexico, Greece, Switzerland, and Ghana on baecations! They have all been noteworthy, but I would like to expand more on one of my favorite locations today. A year later, Santorini still has the most captivating view I’ve ever been blessed to lay eyes on. It was definitely the perfect romantic getaway for my husband and I and gave us second honeymoon vibes. The enchanting charm of the town and decadent food/wine adds to the lure of Santorini as the perfect baecation. If you are interested in some quality time with the one you love in a captivating setting, check out my top 5 reasons to choose this paradise island.

1) View

First view as we entered our villa

The breathtaking view of pristine white buildings with ocean blue domes cascaded on a mountain that overlooks a vast sea of blue is one that shouldn’t be missed in this lifetime. Staring at this enchanting view often put me in a meditative state. Some of the best moments of our trip were when we relaxed on our balcony taking in the view and sipping on some wine. Hubby and I were able to communicate without words and it was such a peaceful moment. Staring into the endless blue of the Aegean Sea reminded us just how much our problems and we are in the grand scheme of things. We were able to let go and simply enjoy the present. Trust me, these pics do it no justice.

On the way down to our villa

View from balcony

2) Yacht Party

I’m sure you’ve seen this meme floating around before. We all can relate! Now, you may not be naked, but you will definitely be enjoying endless wine, fresh food, and sailing around one of the most beautiful places in Europe. During our time in Santorini, we decided to book a yacht tour with Santorini Sailing. We took the 4-5 hour sunset tour, which allowed us the opportunity to view the famous sunset of Oia from the water. There’s nothing I love more than being out on the water; it’s a form of medicine for me. Not only did this tour offer the yacht experience, but also provided a gourmet meal, endless wine and beer, snorkeling equipment, and Wi-Fi! It was a dream come true. The food was cooked right on the boat and consisted of grilled chicken and steak, shrimp, pasta, Greek salad, Tzatiki, vegetables, and bread. It’s basically a feast and well worth the $185 price tag. It was a day well spent feeling the breeze, swimming in the sea, lounging on the boat, and indulging in a little bit of gluttony.

Lounging on the yacht

Mesmerized by the sunset

Famous Oia sunset from the yacht

3) Photo Shoot

As you all know, I am a huge fan of taking photos. I love documenting the different stages of our lives and capturing moments through a picture. Our Santorini photo shoot was one of the best we've ever had. We used Santo Photo Tours based off of fabulous reviews, and we are so glad we did. Nikos is professional, kind, creative, and truly passionate about what he does. He captured us in Santorini in ways that we never would have thought of. Hubby and I loved this experience and even had a chance to explore more of the island on foot and in Nikos’ car. The 2 hour photo tour with transportation was $338 and $281 if you wanted to do it all on foot. Not only do we have memories of this day, but beautiful pictures to help us reminisce.

4) Romantic Dates

Dinner with a view at Ambrosia Restaurant

Again, it’s all about the view! Nothing is more romantic than watching the sun set over a vast, entrancing work of art while consuming fresh seafood and local wine. We honestly did not have one horrible meal in Santorini. If you’re a cheese lover like me, you’re definitely in for a treat. They also have the most decadent dessert wine I’ve ever tasted, so much so that I brought back a bottle. I purchased the Vinsanto wine bottle at Santo Wines Winery, where we also had a delicious lunch while overlooking the breathtaking caldera. Additionally, the Ambrosia restaurant was an intimate, cliff hanging dining experience. Can you tell I never stopped being impressed with the view?! Everyday in Santorini felt like a date night out of a romance novel.

Strongly recommend for wine tasting and lunch

View from our table at Santo Wines Winery

5) Opulent Villas

Sexy pool with an even sexier man at Kirini

Nothing screams luxury like a private, cliffside villa with a personal jacuzzi or pool. Romance definitely will arise when you feel like you are living in paradise. We would wake up, take in the view from our balcony loungers, order breakfast on the terrace with unlimited champagne, and take a dip in the hot tub. The room was small, but having personal access to the scenery more than made up for it. We would definitely stay at the suites at Villa Katikies again, which was $450/night at the time. When we thought things couldn’t get any better, we received a complimentary upgrade to an even bigger villa with a pool! The extra privacy and space was appreciated, as there was no one next to us. Kirini is part of the Katikies chain, so we experienced the same level of superb service and phenomenal breakfast. Santorini provided us with a hotel experience we never had before, but definitely want again.

Living my best life in our private jacuzzi at Villa Katikies

Simply writing this piece made me want to book a return trip to one of my favorite destinations. Not all cities leave an imprint on my heart, but Santorini has accomplished this feat. I strongly recommend this Greek island as the next destination for your baecation. Now what are you waiting for? Book the trip!

xoxo, Global Midwife


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