5 Restaurants for Date Night in Miami

Juggling a full-time career with a budding blog often leaves little time for leisure activities. However, one thing that I commit to is making sure Hubby and I have at least 1 date night a month outside of our home. As I approach 3 years of marriage, I strongly believe that keeping up with these date nights has contributed to our success. It’s easy to fall into the routine of only seeing your spouse in lounge clothes (and bonnets for us girls lol), but nothing lights the fire quicker than seeing the one you love all dressed up, smelling and looking good. When we are out, there are no distractions from the TV or our fur baby, London. Trying new food heightens our senses and we naturally fall into conversation mixed with flirting. It’s no secret that one of our preferred activities for date night is trying new restaurants. We’ve tried so many that I’ve decided to compile a list of 5 of our favorites to share with South Florida locals and tourists. Most of these restaurants are also participating in Miami Spice, offering discounted 3-course dinners throughout August and September!

1) Rusty Pelican

Hands down, the Rusty Pelican is one restaurant that we would visit over and over again. Not only have we been there multiple times for date night, but we also took my mom for Mother’s Day and Terray’s brother for his birthday! You know a place is good when you start taking other people there. As seafood lovers, we appreciate the freshness of each dish and have had some of the best calamari we’ve ever tasted. The real appeal to this restaurant, however, is the modern and stylish ambiance. There is a huge wine display when you first enter, followed by captivating water views of the Miami skyline. You feel as if you are in a chic lounge that also offers a fine dining experience.

2) Truluck’s

Again, seafood! We usually get some combination of surf and turf here, and I am a huge fan of the lobster bisque. Both the crab mac and cheese and crab fried rice are a hit, as well as the salmon béarnaise, which is topped with shrimp and crab meat. Unfortunately, there isn’t an amazing view, but the restaurant still offers an upscale dining experience with a live band on the weekends. There is actually a location in Fort Lauderdale as well at Galleria mall, but we keep going back to the one in Brickell. If you are looking for romance paired with delicious, high quality seafood and steak, Truluck’s is your place to go.

Tropical Vibes at Komodo Miami

3) Komodo

Also located in Brickell, this is a recent find that we’ve only had the pleasure of visiting once. This unique Asian inspired restaurant has an enchanting outdoor area that makes you feel as if you are in a Balinese jungle. There are even cute, “birds nests” seating where you can be perched above as you enjoy various small bites. I’m honestly not sure what the inside looks like, besides the bar area filled with music when you first walk in. However, I highly suggest you request to be seated outside, as this is an experience I haven’t had anywhere else in Miami. You will not be disappointed with the king crab lo mein, Korean fried chicken, or Wagyu skirt steak.

4) La Mar

Terray took me to this Peruvian gem for Valentine’s Day, and I’ve been dying to go back! First of all, I loved that it was a different cuisine than what we normally consume, as this makes the dining experience more exciting. There’s nothing like exposing your palette to a taste it has never had before. I know it sounds simple, but their empanadas were extremely memorable. If you’re the type who loves to indulge in a whole fish (including the head!), this is definitely the place to go. La Mar also has a breathtaking view of the Miami skyline and Biscayne Bay. We were unable to eat out there as the weather didn’t permit, but stepped outside after for a mesmerizing gaze. It is located in the Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Cuddled Up in Prohibition Speakeasy

5) Prohibition

This is another restaurant we have been to numerous times and have introduced to others. The ambiance is a sexy, speakeasy vibe with eccentric decorations, 1920s inspired clothes for the staff, and a saxophonist on the weekends. It’s almost as if you are transported back in time when you step into this place. The menu offers both small and large plates, but if you don’t order anything else, make sure you consume the truffle pasta! I love truffle anything and the dish here explodes with flavor and can be topped with lobster if desired. The spicy meatballs are also good, as well as the maple black grouper. If you have a sweet tooth like my hubby, the decadent red velvet cake will be enough to make you return to the restaurant. After dinner, you can head upstairs to the lounge for more drinks and dancing.

I don't know about you, but after compiling this list I am hungry and ready to reserve a table for a date night! If it's been awhile since you and your partner have had a night on the town or if you are heading to Miami for a visit, give one of these restaurants a try for a sizzling evening.

xoxo, Global Midwife


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