Australia Highlight: Great Ocean Road

I had the pleasure of spending 2 glorious weeks in Australia, spread amongst Melbourne and Sydney. My brother had moved there for a couple of years, so of course I had to visit and experience the magic of down under. ⁣

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to discuss this vast country, but I wanted to start with the highlight of my trip. My last day in Australia was spent traveling the Great Ocean Road, and as silly as it may sound, I didn’t realize it had such stunning natural beauty until this journey.⁣

This 151 mile road stretches along the south-eastern coast of Australia and makes for a memorable road trip. A popular attraction along this road is the 12 apostles. These are naturally formed limestone stacks that are grouped together. The way they jut out from the mesmerizing blue water is nothing short of majestic.⁣

You’re also able to take in gorgeous ocean views, lush greenery as you pass farm towns, and the road itself automatically makes you feel like you’re going on a great adventure. I highly recommend either hiring a driver or renting a car (just remember they drive on the opposite side of the road!) to explore this area. ⁣

The photos speak for themselves as it’s truly a photographer’s dream. Whenever I can connect with nature and take in some breathtaking views when I travel, I’m happy! ⁣

Have you been to Australia and/or the Great Ocean Road? Has this post inspired you to visit if you haven’t? ⁣

xoxo, Global Midwife