Cacique Plus Size Holiday Pajamas

Disclaimer: Paid partnership with Lane Bryant/Cacique. All views are my own.

Think back to your earliest memories of Christmas. For me, it's waking up super early (I always tried to wait up for Santa but ended up knocking out way before midnight lol) with excitement bursting through me as I had on my favorite holiday pajamas. I would beg my mom to open presents first, but she would always make a big breakfast with pancakes that she insisted we indulge in before starting the festivities. Now that I'm older, I definitely understand why she NEEDED her morning tea before starting the jam-packed day. Holiday pajamas have always provided a sense of comfort, security, and nostalgia as it transports me back to those earlier days filled with simplicity and well, ignorant bliss. 2020 has definitely been a year full of ups and downs, so I needed some of that holiday magic that was present in my younger years. I completely skipped over Halloween and went straight to putting up some holiday decor with my new favorite holiday pajamas from Cacique!

The PJ set I received from Cacique inspired me to jump into the holiday spirit. I fell in love with this cute printed knit sleep jogger. I mean, holiday lights as the design, yes please! It features an elastic waistband with a satin tie ribbon that honestly made me feel as if I was the present (well I am!). There are also pockets, which is always a bonus and a fitted design at the ankle so that I didn't have to worry about tripping over the pants with my petite frame. I'm wearing a 14/16 which fits true to size. Unfortunately, they do not come in a short length, so I'm relieved they ended up being the perfect length for me. If you are tall, however, you're in luck as they do come in long lengths. I paired these joggers with this cozy brushed jersey sleep top, which I'm also wearing in a 14/16. This is a set that I could lounge around in all day from decorating to sipping my morning coffee to playing with London!

Thank you so much Lane Bryant and Cacique for lighting up my holiday season with this cute and comfy pajama set! If you're looking for the perfect set to accompany all of your favorite holiday traditions this year, I highly recommend checking them out!

xoxo, Global Midwife


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