Consistency Challenge: 3 Things I Learned

I did it! This is my 20th post for the month, which means I consistently blogged on my site every day Monday-Friday for 4 weeks straight. I honestly can’t believe that I have crushed this challenge because I only decided to do it the night before it started. Initially, I found the idea ridiculous and figured it would be impossible to achieve. Clearly, I was wrong. It definitely wasn’t easy, and I experienced everything from knocking out 4 blog posts in one day to struggling the night before to get the next one up. Despite the obstacles, I made it to the finish line and gained 3 critical insights along the way.

1. Having a Positive Attitude Changes Everything

This experience has taught me that a lot of times my own self doubt and negativity gets in my way. I was ready to take myself out of the challenge from the very beginning simply because I convinced myself I couldn’t do it. I’ve started reflecting on so many other things I have yet to achieve and realized that some things haven’t happened because I haven’t tried. It’s as simple at that. If you don’t even start, of course you will fail. However, if you try, you will at least have more growth than if you did nothing at all. I now see that a positive attitude is critical and that I have to make a habit out of speaking life into the things I want. This isn’t only applicable for my professional life, but my personal one as well.

2. Success Doesn’t Come From Only Working When You Feel Like It

There has definitely been MANY times during this challenge that I didn’t feel like writing. I simply didn’t want to do it and contemplated skipping a day. Unfortunately, you won’t always feel motivated or inspired and if you only worked when you did, you wouldn’t make much progress. By committing to this challenge, I was able to focus on an actual goal instead of my feelings in the moment. I didn’t make it to 20 blog posts off of pure inspiration; I made it because I dedicated myself to the process. The road of entrepreneurship is relentless, so learning to work when I don’t feel like it will serve me in the long run.

3. I Really Enjoy Blogging!

This challenge has reignited my love for writing! I enjoy taking photos and producing videos, but writing was always my first love. In the mix of creating content, the writing part got lost, and I was losing my voice. Blogging consistently has reminded me that I have something to say and love sharing with others. I also love focusing on my site since I actually own it instead of feeling like a slave to social media. I now have a blog that I’m proud of as it is filled with valuable and diverse information.

I’m so glad I decided to take a leap of faith and invest in my blog this month. My blog views have increased, as well as my email subscriber list. I’ve also started sharing my blog on more social media platforms, such as Pinetrest and Twitter. I’m excited for the future and although blogging 5 times a week is a bit excessive to be sustainable long term, I plan to stick to a schedule of 2-3 times per week. Stay tuned!

xoxo, Global Midwife


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