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I’m often asked how did I start blogging or how did I grow my social media audience? I used to think there was a secret formula to it, but honestly I’ve learned that the secret is to have a whole lot of patience, time, and passion. Before we talk about the how of blogging, we should focus on the why. I like to reflect on WHY I started blogging because it gets me through some of the rough times and doubts.

About 5 years ago, I used to wear the same outfit over and over (black and white pants with a black tank top) because it was literally the only outfit I owned and felt comfortable wearing outside of scrubs. It was so bad, that my mom bought me another pair of pants because she was sick of me wearing the same outfit every time we went out. Ironically, even though I thought I was fat and undeserving of new clothes back then, I was actually the smallest I’ve ever been since then lol. Anyway, I was critical of myself and kept saying I was waiting until I reached my “goal weight” to reward myself with a shopping spree. Only then would I be worthy of new and trendy clothes.

With the help of my husband who encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and even dressed me in the beginning, I started to experiment with clothes. I also started following body positive accounts on social media and was amazed that women who looked like me were confident, stylish, and happy. I wanted to be like those women and because they helped me love my body, I wanted to return the favor to others in my own community. So I ultimately started blogging to share my own self love journey and budding style. As I grew a closer relationship with my audience, I wanted to share my other passions with them, which is why I started implementing travel tips and weekly health education segments. At this point, I’m sharing my life as a thriving fat girl because I want other women to know that regardless of size, shape, or color, they are deserving of their dream lives.

I always come back to this why when I’m doing the how of blogging, and it has kept me from quitting (I do think about quitting frequently though lol). Basically, I transformed from a girl who only wore black to look smaller to a girl proudly wearing a bold fuchsia jumpsuit as she modeled in the middle of the street. The color fuchsia signals confidence, assurance, and maturity; these are all traits that I can identify with at this time in my life. I thank ELOQUII for providing vibrant pieces that encourage plus size women to stand out instead of blending in. This incredible jumpsuit is 60% off with the code SUMMERTIME.

I’m going to detail how I started blogging below, but I encourage you to really solidify your why before diving in. It is a LONG, and sometimes lonely process.

1. Buy your domain and create a website

This step is so important and should be done if you’re serious about being a blogger. So many people waste years posting on Instagram or another platform with no way to direct their audience to a site that they own. Repeat after me: I do not own my Instagram account. I do not own my TikTok account. I do not own my Facebook account. And keep going for every social media platform. These apps could decide to stop existing at a moment’s notice or delete your account, so the goal isn’t to build up your audience on these apps, but to build up the audience of your brand on your site. Even if you are not into writing long posts, you can still drop links in a blog post just to get eyes on your site. You also collect email subscribers on your site, which means that you’ll still be able to contact your audience if any social media app shuts down. Remember, you OWN your site so it should always be your first priority.

I use Wix, but I know Wordpress is the best blogging platform. I’m actually going to transition my site soon, but Wix is great if you’re just getting started and very easy to use. If you can’t figure out how to build the site on your own (I tried twice and failed miserably), find someone else who can build it for you. A $200 investment is worth setting up your own site and making it look professional. My brother in law did mine, so you can find a friend or family member who is versed in these things (look for someone younger in their early to mid 20s). Basically, you want it to be up and running, so that you only have to worry about adding blog posts and changing links. You also want to buy your domain as soon as possible before someone else takes it. Globalmidwife was already taken and someone was charging $2,000 for it, so I decided to use my name for my website. When I created my Wix page, I was given the option to buy my domain.

2. Just start posting

I think we put so much thought into things looking perfect, but the reality is that you need to just start posting and learning as you go. If you keep waiting for things to be perfect, you will never start and only find yourself frustrated with wasted time. Done will always beat out perfection. In terms of what to write about, you need to reflect on your why. However, you don’t have to narrow down into one niche. I talk about 4 different topics on my site: fashion, travel, women’s health, and body positivity. I also do random posts as well, such as this one. Your life is your content, so write about whatever is relevant to you. I’m so glad I never boxed myself in because brands have loved that I have so much to offer and combine different areas into one platform. Be authentic and write about what you know and are experiencing.

In terms of photos, I started with my iPhone and still shoot with my iPhone on occasion. I recommend starting with your smartphone for at least the first 6 months, because it realistically takes about a year or more to start getting brand campaigns and making money from your blog. Shooting with a photographer produces quality images, but is an extra expense that you don’t necessarily have to make in the first few months. You can also consider buying your own professional camera. However, the latest smartphones take great pictures. Make sure you are taking the picture early in the morning or in the afternoon. If it’s the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest peak, you will have shadows all over your face and be hot! So go for more of that cloudy day look when shooting. You can also use these apps for editing:

3. Post on social media with the goal of driving traffic to your blog

Don’t just post a picture on social media with emojis as a caption. If you have nothing to say, then you are not a blogger, just an Instagram model I guess. Your captions need to have some type of thought and depth to them. I can’t relate to an emoji heart, but I can relate to your story about growing up with limited options for plus size jeans, and now you have found jeans that work so well for your body. That is relatable and will help you build the type of audience that will then check out your blog. It’s best to post a picture or two from the blog post onto Instagram/Facebook with a caption that has the opening of your blog post, then end the caption with telling your audience to check out the blog post for more information. You want to capture their attention on social media, but you don’t want it to stay there. If you want them to shop a link you have posted, mention it in the caption. You have to let your audience know that there is more information on your website and that social media is only the tip of the iceberg. If you are creating TikTok videos, encourage your viewers at the end to check out the link in your bio or YouTube video. The goal needs to be getting your audience to your site that you OWN, so use social media as advertising for your blog; not the ultimate destination.

I’m more than happy to go in-depth about any particular subject related to blogging, so if you are interested in knowing more, please let me know. Focus on your why, and the how will come as you do it.

xoxo, Global Midwife

Disclaimer: Jumpsuit gifted from ELOQUII. All views are my own. I may make a small commission on some of the items linked on this page through affiliate links/codes.


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