How to Wear Dark Colors

It's pretty clear that I'm OBSESSED with bright colors! However, I can appreciate a darker toned outfit if it offers a trendy silhouette or captivating detail. I used to wear dark colors as a way to blend in and look smaller. Now, I gravitate towards items that may be dark but definitely make a statement and command attention. ELOQUII is awesome at transforming a black or dark colored piece into a work of art. There's nothing boring about their items, and they put just as much thought into designing a darker colored outfit as they do into their bold colors and prints. Today, I'm going to point out certain things I look for when deciding to purchase a dark colored piece, as well as how I accessorize to really bring the look to life.

This black and silver lurex jumpsuit is the epitome of an elevated dark colored look. I love the shimmer material because it automatically adds a glamorous feel to this jumpsuit. Without the shimmer, it just wouldn't have the same appeal, but with it already built into the fabric, it adds a subtle hint of class. So when I peruse dark colored clothes, I look for those that offer a fun and eye-catching material. When I saw this piece online, it jumped off the computer screen. That's the impression I'm trying to make when I walk into a room; I want to be seen, not hidden. Another detail I noticed when selecting this jumpsuit was the sleeves. It starts as a puff sleeve with a fitted look past the elbow. These sleeves are dramatic, which makes the jumpsuit interesting and worth taking a second look at. When I search for clothes, I'm naturally drawn to brighter clothes. However, if a darker colored item offers unique details and a popping material, it will certainly fall into my shopping cart.

When I wear darker clothes, I always reach for a bold lipstick to create a pop of color. It's just something so classic about pairing dark colors with a red lip. This is one of my favorite red hues; Russian Red by MAC. I also love to have fun with my shoes and reached for these lace up black and silver heels to add some edge to the look. Even though my Kate Spade New York bag is black, it's also dedicated to the theme by adding a chain strap. So even with accessories, you can still look for pieces with unique details instead of your typical plain, black item. An alternative would be to pair this dark colored jumpsuit with red shoes and/or a red bag to give it even more of a color contrast.

Like I said, ELOQUII offers exciting dark color outfits that push fashion limits. Here are a few of my favorites:

How do you feel about wearing dark colors? Are they your go to or do you typically find them unexciting?

xoxo, Global Midwife

Disclaimer: Paid partnership with ELOQUII. All views are my own. I may make a small commission on some of the items linked on this page through affiliate links/codes.


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