No T-shirts this Summer Thanks to Curvy Swimwear!

Raise your hand if you used to (or still do) cover your body with a large T-shirt at the beach/pool. I’m sure many of us have our hands raised, including me. For years, I was ashamed of my body and felt that it didn’t deserve to be seen. Swimsuits weren’t crafted for girls like me, they were made for girls much smaller than me; the “model size.” I never saw any plus size women in the media (or real life) confidently wearing a bathing suit, much less a bikini! Society had trained me to hate my body, all before puberty, and since I didn’t know any other way, I fell victim to the mental coercion. Sadly, this scenario was all too common for a young, fat girl growing up in the 90s. We always mention how “real” bodies were shown in mainstream culture back then, instead of those enhanced by surgery. However, the true real bodies have never been shown. We’ve never seen the girl with the fupa, stretch marks, or apple shape. That is, until the age of social media. When I discovered the plus size community on Instagram, I finally saw the truth. Curvaceous women were free to wear whatever they want, including a bathing suit, and they LOOKED GOOD doing it! I was inspired by these women I followed, so much so, that my own confidence began to grow. It blossomed so much that I even decided to sprinkle a little bit of inspiration into the universe by creating my blog. Safe to say, I will not be rocking any T-shirts this summer; only fabulous swimsuits!

We're throwing away T-shirts this summer sis!

I plan to spend countless hours on the beach this summer and am always in search of fresh, new apparel. Recently, I discovered Curvy Swimwear, an Australian based company that provides high quality swimsuits. What I love most is that they cater exclusively to plus size women! I believe it is valuable when curves are in mind when a product is being created, instead of an afterthought when a brand decides to extend sizes. Curvy Swimwear has put a lot of thought into their swimsuits, such as wider shoulder straps that are more supportive and comfortable for larger busted women, and accurate cup sizing. The sizes range from 6 – 26 and are available in numerous styles, such as bikinis, one-pieces, swim dresses, tankinis, maternity suits, suits after mastectomy (yes!), and chlorine resistant swimwear. The best part? Free shipping to the U.S. for orders over $100! I was already impressed with this company’s mission and inclusivity simply by browsing the website. When they offered to send me a few pieces, I was ecstatic!

The first thing I noticed was that I received my package very quickly from Australia. I expected it to take weeks, but it only took 7 days. As I began pulling out the swimsuits, I was captivated by the vibrant colors and feel of the material. I could tell instantly the material was thick and high quality, relieving the stress of anything being see through or non-structured. As for the prints, I was in my happy place, as you all know I’m a huge fan of color! Sometimes, when I receive a package, I place the items aside to try on later. Not with this package. I RAN to my room to try them on. I don’t know about you, but I always panic a little whenever I try a new place online. I worry about the sizing and fit. Much to my delight, the pieces were extremely true to size (I’m a 14), and fit like a dream. There’s nothing I love more than to have peace of mind when ordering online, as I hate sending items back. With Curvy Swimwear, I know I can order my regular size with confidence.

This vintage paisley double frill bikini provides style and comfort. I fell in love with the florals and felt the print was perfect for summer. I appreciated the fact that the colors were bold and not faded, and the off shoulder detail offered a fun, flirty element to the suit. The built-in shelf bra definitely gave me more than enough support as I pranced along the beach, and I didn’t have to keep pulling it down into place. The high waisted bikini bottoms were not too tight at the top, but still gave me a structured shape as it hugged my curves. I definitely recommend this one if you desire a bikini with a pleasurable print and even better fit!

I was interested in this geo stripe sleeveless zip front one piece when I saw it online, but it truly captivated me once I saw it in person. The colors on this suit pop! The one piece accentuated my curves, and I loved the zipper detail with the option to show a little cleavage if desired. For more modesty, simply zip it all the way up like I did. This suit definitely made me stand out on the beach and would be perfect for a tropical getaway. I was sad I didn’t have it in time for Brazil lol. For support, there are molded cups in the bust area, as well as a mastectomy pouch if needed. There is also a plastic clasp at the neck area in the back, which made the suit fit perfectly. This is a great style if you plan on doing something adventurous on vacation, such as surfing, snorkeling, zip lining into the water, etc. You can look great without worrying about your suit shifting as you land forcefully in the water. Safe to say this is my favorite and will be coming along with me on future trips!

The last swimsuit I tried was this navy and white dots bikini. This was a different style for me, as I usually only do high waisted bottoms. However, I decided to take a risk and try something more daring! I absolutely love the frills and sleeves on this bikini top, and felt that it was a unique style I’ve never worn before. Also, the navy blue and white paired well with a bold, red lip, giving me a classic, Miami vice look. The bottoms were low-rise with tie bows on the sides as a cute, added feature. The ties could be undone to aid in putting on and taking off the swimsuit, which I thought was genius. Although the bottoms fit me well, I’m still personally working on wearing low-rise bikini bottoms to the beach. I felt more exposed than I would have liked simply due to personal preference. Maybe in a year I won’t care and will let my belly completely hang out lol. Until then, I know that I am more comfortable with a high waist bikini, but at least I tried the style to know for sure. If you are into a low rise style and love to show more of your stomach, I do recommend this suit as it was super cute and comfortable.

Thank you Curvy Swimwear for adding some vibrant and high quality swimsuits to my closet! It truly feels good to discover a company that considers the small details when creating swimwear for plus size women. None of these suits made me feel like an afterthought, as they all fit my curvy body exceptionally well. As I get older, I’m also starting to appreciate quality more than anything else. I know I can wear these suits repeatedly, and they will maintain their shape and color due to the quality of the material and fabrics that were utilized. You can browse more swimsuits here, and if anything catches your eye, know that you will not be disappointed!

*Paid partnership with Curvy Swimwear. All views are my own.

xoxo, Global Midwife


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