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Preparing For Labor: Dates

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Alright guys, this week we’re going to talk about dates. And no, not the type you go on with your boo but the dried fruit that can help prepare your body for labor. I love this one because it’s backed by science and definitely a favorite to recommend to my patients.

Studies have found that women who ate 6 dates a day, starting at 36-37 weeks, had the following outcomes:⁣

  • More likely to spontaneously go into labor⁣

  • More dilated than non-date eaters when admitted to birthplace⁣

  • More likely to have intact membranes⁣

  • Shorter first stage of labor⁣

  • Less likely to need pitocin to induce labor⁣

  • Lower rates of C-sections ⁣

  • Lower rates of vacuum/forceps delivery⁣

  • More likely to deliver vaginally after being induced ⁣

I got medjool dates, which are supposed to taste better. They are huge and twice the size of deglet noor dates, which are the ones that were used in the studies. If doing deglet noor dates, eat 6 a day, but if eating medjool dates, eat 3 a day. ⁣I’m not going to lie, I find them difficult to eat; it’s an acquired taste. I mix mine in with Greek yogurt and granola (basically I make a homemade parfait). This makes it much more tolerable for me. ⁣

My amazing Instagram community offered some great suggestions as well:

  • Blend into smoothies with cocoa powder

  • Stuff with goat cheese and an almond. May drizzle with honey

  • Wrap in bacon and bake. May also stuff with chorizo first

  • Eat with small piece of chocolate on top

  • Bake into sweets

Did you try dates? Did you like the taste of them? If not, how were you able to eat them?⁣

P.S. Robe gifted from Printfresh

xoxo, Global Midwife

Disclaimer: This is only to be used for educational purposes, not as medical advice. Always check with your individual healthcare provider.

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