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Tips for Midwifery School Personal Statement

If you go on my YouTube, you’ll find lots of helpful videos about Midwifery and how to go about becoming one. One question I get asked about a lot, though, is what to write in a personal statement essay. You have to think of the personal statement as your interview. It’s your chance to sell yourself, stand out, and convince the admission committee to accept you. Unfortunately, every one who applies doesn’t get in, and most people already have the GPA and test scores. Why exactly should they choose you?⁣

A good personal statement should include the following components:⁣

Your story - yes, you can be professional and still tell your story. You should be able to concisely answer why you want to be a Midwife. Was there a certain moment that inspired you? Was it a gradual realization after gaining relevant experience? Whatever it is, you have to be able to articulate that reason in a compelling way. This is not the time for generic responses. Draw the reader in and make them understand why Midwifery is your calling. I highly recommend reflecting on this answer before even applying. ⁣

Specific skills/experiences - Don’t just say you are culturally competent or have leadership skills. Explain a specific scenario where you actually portrayed these skills or were recognized for certain traits. Yea, you going to brag on yourself a bit. There really is no way for the reader to know you possess certain qualities unless you state it. ⁣

Plans - Great, you want to be a Midwife but how are you then going to enhance the profession. Do you want to work with a certain marginalized population? Do you see research in your future? Teaching? They don’t just want to create Midwives, but phenomenal Midwives who continue to propel the profession forward. Basically, why should they choose YOU. ⁣

Apply these concepts when you sit down to write your personal statement. Once you have a draft, I would be happy to look over, edit, and discuss with you. Simply book a consult with me through my Ask The Midwife service!

xoxo, Global Midwife


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