Top 5 Tips for The Blue Lagoon Iceland

I'm not ashamed to say that I booked a whole flight to Iceland just to visit the Blue Lagoon! In my defense, the flight was only $198 (more details on how I snagged that deal here!). I absolutely adore spas, and the Blue Lagoon is a huge outdoor spa with the most incredible scenery. It was unique to take off my robe and run through the freezing cold in my bathing suit before meeting the warm, comforting water. We soon discovered that Iceland had so much more to offer on our trip, but this was definitely one of our highlights as our experience ended up being just as serene as I imagined. We got lucky, but here are a few tips I recommend when planning your Blue Lagoon trip so that your experience is also peaceful instead of chaotic.

1. Visit First Thing in the Morning

This is actually the most important tip, but we ended up getting lucky due to when our flight landed. Since we took an overnight flight to Iceland, we ended up landing around 6 am. Since the Blue Lagoon is between Reykjavik airport and the actual city, it made since to stop there either after landing or before departing. Since the idea of sitting on a 8 hour plane ride after wading in a lagoon didn't seem appealing, we decided to visit right after making it to Iceland. You have to book a time to enter the lagoon online, so we selected the first available time since we knew we would be there so early. This was such an unexpected blessing. At that time, there were only a handful of people there, and it felt as if Terray and I had the entire lagoon to ourselves. There was plenty of room to space out, take photos, and enjoy the relaxing environment. By the time we left in the afternoon, the lagoon was crowded and lacked the calmness that we experienced in the beginning.

2. Leave Your Jewelry at Home

Due to the high levels of silica, algae, and minerals in the water, your jewelry is at risk for being tarnished. They do have lockers there, but if you're going to take your jewelry off, it's safest at home, especially if your trip is short (we were only there for 3 days). Also, I can't even imagine losing a ring in the lagoon. It's humongous and I'm sure that anything you drop in there stays there. I also suggest removing your glasses and shades for the same reason.

3. Visit After Your Flight

I mentioned earlier that we stopped at the Blue Lagoon after landing in Iceland. It really doesn't make sense to go all the way to Reykjavik just to come back towards the lagoon, unless you're staying for a week or more. Since we only had 3 days, we had to make the most of every moment. They have luggage storage available just outside the entrance to the lagoon, so you don't have to worry about what you're going to do with your stuff. Also, since it's a relaxing experience, we didn't feel too exhausted after our flight to enjoy it. It was just the pick me up we needed to start enjoying our trip right away. After spending a couple hours at the lagoon, we took a shuttle to the city and napped until dinner.

4. Protect Your Hair

This is especially true for us natural girls. I actually had extensions in on this trip, but I still applied conditioner to my hair before getting in the water. The changing rooms provide complimentary shampoo and conditioner. My hair was STIFF while in the lagoon, but I washed it thoroughly afterwards and used the complimentary blowdryers to bring it back to life. It definitely would have been more difficult if I didn't apply conditioner as a protectant beforehand.

5. Indulge in Spa Activities

Remember, it's not just a cool photo spot, but an actual spa with health benefits! The water is great for your skin and they provide silica mud masks for free at a swim up bar. Our faces truly felt smooth and amazing after using the masks, and we enjoyed cocktails while we let it do its magic. We also purchased in-water massages, which were worth every penny. It was a different experience for us and the massage was heavenly as we floating in the water. We actually took the time to relax and didn't rush through the experience.

Iceland definitely has so many more unique experiences, especially for someone coming from a warmer climate. We enjoyed snowmobiling, visiting glaciers and waterfalls, the city of Reykjavik, delicious seafood, and clubbing (yes they have a hip hop club!). However, the Blue Lagoon is a MUST VISIT and deserves all the recognition it receives. Would you add this to your list?

xoxo, Global Midwife


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