Do you remember when you went on your first diet? I don’t. It was so early in my life, I almost feel as if I came out the womb dieting. I see skinny pictures of me as a child, but honestly, I don’t remember those time periods lol. All I remember is doing Tae Bo regularly every morning before school. Dieting became a regular part of my existence. Everybody talks about being high school fine. In high school, I was small, but I occasionally survived off 500 calories a day and still saw someone overweight in the mirror. Imagine being told everyday of your life that something is wrong with you. That is the reality for all who do not fit society’s standards of beauty. Wouldn’t you have low self esteem if your body was treated as a stigma your whole life? I was the smart one, but never ever the pretty one. That was reserved for someone skinny. I didn’t deserve new clothes; I was going to go on a huge shopping spree once I finally lost weight! Come on ladies, I know you guys have had the same exact thoughts. I’m not sure what changed or why. One day I woke up and decided I was the pretty one at any size, and I deserved to dress extravagantly. See, the world may not want to see me. But when I was a little girl, all I hoped for was to see someone like me be regarded as the standard of beauty. Other bloggers and influencers who shine bright and continue to change the norm inspire me. To the plus size woman reading this who does not feel beautiful, my first piece of practical advice is to stop shopping at places that do not cater to you! I can remember being so frustrated when I tried to squeeze into a size 12 in the dressing room. It didn’t fit or look right because I’m not a size 12! I’ve spent most of my adult life as a size 14 and once I embraced this instead of hoping to be accepted by stores that didn’t acknowledge me, my fashion sense has bloomed. If clothes do not fit you properly, there is no way it is going to look good. Some of my favorite stores/sites for plus size shopping are Torrid, Monif C, Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, Rebdolls, Fashion Nova Curve, Boohoo, Macy’s, Zelie For She, Ofuure (African inspired fashion), Swimsuits for All, and Forever 21 Plus. There are numerous options with affordable and stylish clothes. Through this blog, I will discuss fashion that compliments an hourglass shape while promoting body positivity and self love.

xoxo, Global Midwife


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