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I have decided to really step out on faith this year. I have thought about blogging for years! I even started a website twice before finally getting it right. Third time’s a charm, huh? My first, true love encounter with travel was to South Africa at the life changing age of 21. Through a very generous scholarship, I was afforded the opportunity to live in the Motherland for 3 months while I researched domestic violence and the role of a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE). It was a glorious 3 months, filled with new experiences, the sweet taste of being in the majority, and the most vibrant dancing I’ve ever seen. Big ups to South African dance music! I didn’t want to return home, and I vowed that one day I would live in Cape Town. Fast forward 8 years, and I’ve traveled to 33 countries. I am truly blessed to have traveled the world; it is a gift I will always be thankful for and never take lightly. That journey to South Africa birthed the idea of being a blogger; not the trip itself but something that was said to me shortly before. I must have been out shopping for my trip, and the salesman asked me where I was going. When he heard my response, he exclaimed, “You should start blogging!” Ya’ll that was 8 years ago. If only I listened to him and started then. But everything happens for a reason. At 21, I still didn’t know who I was. Like, I said, I really started traveling at 21, became a midwife at 25, and fell in love with fashion at 26. See, I needed to become strong in my sense of self and feel confident in sharing my passions with the world. I hope you enjoy following me on my journey as I share more about myself through this blog. The driving force in my career is my fervor to end health disparities in women’s health. My greatest creative stimulus is fashion. Oh, and travel? Travel is where I’m free to be my purest self. Remember, your reality is only limited by your imagination. If there is something you have always dreamed of doing, please do it. Do not waste time, do not wait for someday that may never come, just do it. Today, I’m launching this blog and chasing my dream. Join me!

xoxo, Global Midwife

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