Why CoEdition Makes Me Feel Seen!

Think about this for a minute. Your whole life you have felt shunned away by mainstream society. You have felt ignored, humiliated, and like an outcast. Finally the images you view daily start changing, and you begin to love yourself. As this transformation is occurring, a brand comes along that gets you. This brand knows that you deserve to feel seen, loved, and honored. This brand doesn’t include you, but is curated for you.

Diversity is beautiful, and the ability to have access to a vast array of options is priceless. Especially when it comes to shopping. My whole life, I tried to squeeze into the traditional fashion community. I was so silly. Why didn’t I know then what I know now? I wasn’t meant to make myself little, I was meant to be bold, expressive, and strong.

I remember walking into a store in the mall once; I really can’t remember the name, but I wish I did. The clothes were cute, and I asked the salesman if they had a size 14. He looked at me with the smuggest grin; lifting up his nose at me, and stated they only carried up to a size 12. As you can imagine, I was devastated and humiliated. For years, I carried that feeling of shame with me. If only I could just be a size 12, then I deserved pretty clothes. Over the years, I finally realized that true beauty starts from within. I stopped waiting on my weight and fell in love with fashion.

It is liberating to finally have access to brands that create unique, fashion forward pieces for plus size women. It’s definitely a good problem to have, but now I get overwhelmed with how many options I have! I was always used to being so limited. First world problems, but sometimes I get frustrated ordering from different places synonymously because I don’t want to pay multiple shipping costs lol.

When I discovered CoEdition, I found the perfect solution. CoEdition is the first and only marketplace that is curated specifically for women sizes 10+. If you love shopping from multiple designers like me, you will enjoy perusing CoEdition’s 80+ designer brands. You will find clothes, swimwear, intimates, shoes, accessories, and more! This company is so dedicated to helping plus size women stay trendy that they even offer style tips through their Cocommunity on Facebook.

This black, ruched dress from the Kiyonna brand felt like the sexiest, little black dress I’ve worn in awhile. I never even heard of this brand before, so I already like how I have discovered something new. Since the brands are all different, though, it’s important to look at the size chart to ensure you are ordering the correct size. Remember to use my code KATRINAR20 to receive 20% off your order. If you try them, definitely tell me what you think!

Disclaimer: Dress gifted by CoEdition. All views are my own.

xoxo, Global Midwife


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